Service Bulk Transport

Bulk Transport

Successfully Operated Kamsarmax Bulk Carrier and Performed India centric Cargo on voyage.

Leverage of Inhouse Operation Team resulting in Voyage optimization resulting in quick turnaround and cost savings.

  • ✤ MOL's Ultramax Vessel is successfully performing Long term Consecutive Voyage Charter (CVC) contract between Persian Gulf to West Coast of India with Indian Steel mill.
  • ✤ MOL Bulk vessels are regularly performing Spot voyages in Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and Bay of Bengal; carrying all major Bulk Cargoes for Indian business houses.
  • ✤ Successfully executing business with Indian Steel Majors; Constructions and Chemical Companies, Power Plants Manufacturers; Power utilities and Traders. Our Vessels call all the Public and private Ports in India.

Bulk Cargo Discharging , Lime Stone , Coal

Our 2022-2023 Bulk Fixture Data

Cape size (180k DWT)

✤ Coal - 2 millions tons - Indonesia to India - Power utility and End
✤ Iron Ore - 0.2 Million tons - Coastal - ECI-WCI – Indian Steel Mill

Baby Cape (106k DWT)

✤ Coal - 0.2 million tons - Australia, Africa to India - Indian Steel
✤ Iron Ore - 0.3 million tons - Coastal - ECI-WCI - Indian Steel Mill ✤ Limestone - 0.2 million tons – PG-ECI – Indian Steel Mill

Kamsarmax (82k DWT)

✤ Coal – 0.2 million tons - Indonesia to ECI – Power Utility
✤ Iron Ore – 0.1 million tons – Coastal – ECI-WCI – Indian Steel Mill

Ultramax (62K DWT)

✤ Coal – 0.1 million tons – Indonesia to WCI – Coal Trader
✤ Limestone - 0.5 million tons – PG to WCI – Indian Steel Mill
✤ Clinker – 0.2 million tons – PG to WCI – Cement Company

MOL is the Pioneer in carrying 25 Mtr Steel rails from Japan to India.
We have carried entire cargo of Steel rails for Western Dedicated Freight Corridor Project (WDFC) from Japan to West coast of India. MOL has carried more than 200,000 mt of 25 mtrs Steel rails for this particular project
MOL is awarded to carry High Speed Steel Rails for the Prestigious The Shinkansen (新幹線 ) - Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet train Project from Japan to India. Already 2 shipments of High-Speed Steel rails has been delivered at Hazira
Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Steel rails Discharging

High Speed Steel rails Stowage in the Cargo Hold

We have received a contract to carry more than 60,000 mt ofsteel rails so far for Mumbai Ahmedabad Bullet Train Project

We are also carrying 18 mtrs Steel rails for Chennai and Bangalore Metro project​​

Project Cargo

MOL is regularly carrying various Project cargo including Transformers, Power plant , machineries etc also Steel coils, Copper Cathodes Steel Plates, Steel Pipes, Wind Mill blades, 19 mtrs Oxidation Reactor etc. Overall we have handled more than 50,000 CBM since last 7 years